A theme I entertain often or, visit, is self identity. Its a universal process we all struggle with. Some on a regular basis, some more than others. Each individuals experience with the journey(s) varies to a wide degree. I have personally seen the process make and break lives. This varied, unpredictable nature is what draws me to this complex  subject.

My own adventure through discovering myself is one I choose to believe is constantly evolving.  I find a quote from Chuck Palahniuks “Invisible Monsters” to describe it best, ” We have to keep constantly recycling ourselves. ”  Every new bout with self identity requires you to take yourself apart. Rebuild from the rubble, being sure to keep the things you learned from the previous identity. Thus recycling in full circle.

This sometimes vicious circle can force you to touch base with a range of emotions. I am a emotionally charged and motivated person.  So taking these little journeys is something I enjoy. Coming out the other end  wearing a different skin is the main draw for me.

Now I don’t want confusion that this is a physical change every time. It can lead to that and has before but this is a core change I’m talking about.  Yet it tends to almost always manifest itself in some degree in the physical. Right in this realm is where I get to play with the idea of self identity.

I have never attempted to explore this idea with anyone other than myself. I find this to be the most appropriate.  It is SELF identity after all. not self identity through the eyes of another….that’s a whole different beast. I have found every attempt at exploring this idea with my camera and myself to be a bit medicinal. I experience the same feeling as when you put yourself into any form of self expression, a sense of relief and pride.

Not by accident, I dive into these projects when I need them. We all have our devices to help achieve clarity. Art is mine. Photography in particular.

A common occurrence in these photos is  distortion of the face.  Be it mask, stocking, digital effect etc.  The reason  for this is that the face is the main tool of physical expression we have. Its also the main difference we all have from one another. Our faces are a pivotal part in creating our identity physically to others as well as ourselves. I distort this important piece to help portray the inner struggle becoming outward. To help convey  that metamorphosis  from one identity to the next.

I have taken multiple sets expressing these same steps of change throughout my life. I even have paintings showing the same ideas. From previously before I discovered photography. I use them as a illustrated diary. I can look back at them all and remember the who’s, what’s ,where’s, when’s and how’s . They are very personal projects to me for obvious reasons.

I wont climb any further into specifics of what they mean to me. I allow any of the questions you may have further regarding these to be answered by you. They are for your eyes to feast upon  and mind to stir about. There must always be room for the viewers personal interpretation. I’ll provide the visual, if you’ll provide the emotional.

I hope you enjoy this batch of photos as much as I do.




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