“Shall We Live Forever”

Tomorrow, Friday the 13th not only brings us shenanigans hoopla and strange happenings. It also brings us the  hip shaking, foot stomping release from Juana Ghani. Tomorrow “Shall We Live Forever” will be available to hold in your hands. I consider this a perfect opportunity to shine the light on a group of wonderful people and musicians.

I have had multiple opportunities to point my camera in their direction in a live setting.  Live music is one of the most exhilarating things for me to shoot. To be able to capture an entertainer or group of entertainers doing what they love is a great honor. The energy I get to feed off of from a mixture of the performers and the crowd alike is my favorite aspect. You get a certain brand of adrenaline running around trying to fit all this life into a single frame. Not only is it a great challenge to freeze moments,  but lighting can also be a challenge. Both of which I wouldn’t have any other way.  It makes uploading that batch of photos  much more fulfilling. Nothing matches the personal satisfaction of having felt the energy of the show. Then looking at a photo you took that has successfully frozen all that into a moment that can be looked at forever.

That being said. I have honestly never  shot in a more powerfully potent environment then that of a Juana Ghani concert. They make my job have a certain amount of ease to it. 13 band members can help that fact. Always presenting some sort of animation  to point the camera at. That number also helps contribute to the energy level being projected into the audience. Which is really what makes my job easy, the intensity.  I get lost in a unique state .  All that get-up-and-go being projected allows me to share the same vigor.

If you have never had the opportunity or for some reason have not been able to make it to see Juana Ghani, do it! You CAN NOT substitute the experience with that of another concert. There is loads of zip, zeal, zest and zing bursting from the venue!

Any Juana Ghani show offers a great bang for your buck but Fridays show at Bar Deluxe offers much more than your average serving of Juana.  A magically talented group of dancers and belly dancers alike can usually be seen  when attending. However this show is in cooperation with The Underground G.y.p.s.y Cabaret, as has become tradition for every Friday the 13th. The UGC  has your usual  beautiful belly dancers that are joined by other dancers performing different unique variations of dance, a magician, sword swallowing, and more madness!  Its as if a band of gypsies have parked their wagon just outside and  your lucky enough to be invited  to join them.

That last sentence is important because that is the environment they build for you. Its not  like your going to a venue, handing a doorman your money, standing shoulder to shoulder, room full of strangers, enjoying the music.  No. Its as if you’ve been transported to a entirely different space. Surrounded by hundreds of friends and family. Singing, dancing, whooping and hollering together.  Almost as if you’re  all off in a distant space  around a bon fire, collectively. There is a strong sense of family and unity that can be found in the air. Which when breathed in gives all in attendance a sense of belonging.

I am so appreciative and thankful for a group of musicians and performers who not just aspire to create such an experience but excel in delivering it. All of their individual efforts being put forth is an amazing gift they are offering to anyone. The time they put into organizing, rehearsing and entertaining us is greatly appreciated. Its all available to us for a small price as well. I believe tickets for tomorrow’s cabaret are $7. Do the math and you’ll soon come to the conclusion, its not for the money, its the love of it.

There is many paragraphs more  I could fill with praise and admiration for this wonderful family of musicians but there are many future opportunities to do so.  You can depend on me taking advantage of those as well.

Below are links to Juana Ghani’s  FB page, Underground G.y.p.s.y Cabarets FB page,  a direct link to purchase the “Shall We Live Forever” Album as well as Band Co-founder/singer/guitarist Brian Bonells book “Kasojeni Bay”

Redrum Pikchures Live Music Photos (There are 4 albums total full of Live music photos, please browse)

Juana Ghani Facebook

Underground G.y.p.s.y Cabaret Facebook

Juana Ghani Offical Shop

Amazon.com “Kasojeni Bay”

Underground G.y.p.s.y Cabaret: Friday, July 13th 2012

One last thing to ponder . Do you Juana Ghani?





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