” T.V.(irus) “

Getting back into the swing of things after a week off I’m going to dive right in. Today’s topic of conversation revolves around a photo taken 3 years ago. Featuring myself. On a topic I’ve quite frequently touched upon sprinkled throughout my body of work.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a highly obsessive personality. I become, in all matters of the word, CONSUMED by ideas or concepts. Many of these subjects I will revisit over and over for years, if not the remainder of my artistic endeavors. Today’s obsession is the over consumption of media, mainly television in this photos case.

To get the technical out of the way seeing as I don’t hold a great deal of importance on this but I have found it interests others. The photo in this entries spotlight was taken with a Canon Powershot with high exposure, mounted on a tripod. If you haven’t learned it yet, you soon will learn that I don’t use any studio lighting.( soft boxes, diffusers, reflectors, gels, etc.) It was shot with a mounted flash and 1/2 power. The topic of my lighting choices will be discussed in a future entry.:)

The title of the work below is “T.V.(irus)” . A play on the well know abbreviation for Television fused with my opinion of what over consumption of it should be considered. Now I’m like the average person and do own a television, watch it often and pull loads of inspiration from the things available on it. Like this photo for example, even if it is a negative criticism of Television, without the Television there I wouldn’t have made this piece. Hence inspiration.

My view of the over consumption of Television is not one that I have the idea it plagues the mind and rots intelligence. I’m not that ignorant. For me that’s like making the statement that the internet is a dangerous place because some choose to make it a sort of hunting ground for themselves and their desires. The knowledge available through both is far to vast to discredit its potential. To name just one of its life enhancing capabilities.

The call for it as a “virus” is the way its consumed that I’m touching upon here. That blank stare that washes over ones face as they take in hours and hours of flashing pictures with little to no thought. A form of escapism from reality. Shoving images into your brain at an alarming rate without it being of any use. Regurgitating these overplayed images without any thought of why?  That’s what pushes me towards the idea behind this image.

You become a recycling unit for ideas and concepts without even really questioning it. Not every idea needs to be monumental or groundbreaking but if its going to take up headspace  you’d hope it had a purpose to your momentum. I’m just as guilty as anyone of having trance moments in front of a TV set. I used to be very addicted to the ease it offered to my mind. I could drift through days without having to face any of life’s questions. It became an addiction just like any other.

The collective media addiction we share is accepted because its not physically harming, except in extreme cases.  There are no laws against it therefore it cant be bad for you.  Now we will shake the finger at someone who does nothing BUT watch TV but, those same fingers are pressing the on button when they get home after a long day and commencing into trance mode.  Addiction is addiction, if you’re consuming two drinks or 12.Its no matter. Addiction is the NEED to participate in something without the ability to withhold from it.

The addictive mannerisms associated with Television is what concerns me.  It pains me to see many beautiful minds filled with original and exciting ideas from all across the board be laid to rest by  that blank stare that ensues. The eyes flush over and CLICK! the lights are off. You can watch the moment someone’s brain turns off and begins to float. It plays through the eyes instantly. It makes you want to shake them and bring that light that comes out when a idea is expressed.  

All of the above is a general rundown of what this photo means to me and why it was created. The white out eyes are too express the blank  stare that comes out. You could look as deep as you  wanted to into them and you’ll never find more than a void. The blood coming from the mouth is to represent both the lack of interest in personal health associated in extreme TV addiction cases as well as the vomiting of recycled ideas being consumed and released. Grey hair is another health representation as well as to give the sense of long periods of time passing. Becoming aged in front of a Television. The expression on my face is my personal feelings of frustration with this subject. It can also be used in a general way of expressing the frustration that exists in any addicts mind. Wanting to be free of what has a grip on you.

Mr. Rellim


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