“Ghost From a Distance”

Getting back into the swing of things today I’ll resume the “Behind the Photo” format. Todays photo of choice is “Ghost From a Distance”. Based on a poem I wrote, it won’t need much explanation via rants. Just Simply paste the poem and BLAMO! you have all that needs be explained. Except of course what or whom the poem is actually about. I’ve gotta retain a certain degree of mystery and intrigue.:)

Without any further ado:

“Ghost From a Distance”

im still trying to put my words in order.
about the ghost from a distance.

for me.
to write is to relieve.
seeing as i could use a good relief.

i proceed……

as one might assume, when approached by a ghost, a good startle is in order.
seeing as the ghost is transparent in nature.

she did not speak.
she did more of a smirk and used her eyes to communicate.
when her eyes laid on me, i tell you…..i thought my intial startle was abrupt. but this…this, had so many things attached to it.
beautiful pieces in flawless symmetry.
her smirk was as ive come to known, her twist.
now imagine this gorgeous design floating freely in front of you,
with eyes speaking to you with much more strength
she spoke to me, but only soft and slow.
i could feel her on my cheek.
as if resting on it.
almost like she wanted no words to spill,
she was very clear with her intentions.
i was locked and dumbfound in her sights.
i fell under a weak spell.
her smirk tightened when she looked in my eyes.
she was not one i would ever call “unaware”
she held herself sturdy, yet she has so much that has grown tired in her.
so many footprints scattered across her torso.
accented by scars of many sizes.
she is not weak.
she is strong. i dare say, stronger than myself.
an admirable ghost.
i had and for the most part still do have , this
compulsion in my thoughts towards her.
this, eagerness in my bones.
my gut has been twisted tight since that first sight.

i want to find her again.
tell her how much she means.
show her all of her beauty marks.
pointing one by one.
tell her she is always welcome here.
i want to protect her, though she needs no protection.
none the less, i want to safeguard her.
keep her heart lifted.

we shared space, only briefly.
but as you can see, the impact was quite substantial.
there is no telling if she will come or go.
i cannot contain her.
at times, i may want to.
not because she is a possession, because i want to share space with her, i have so many questions to ask her.
she has come back ever since that first night.
she does not know all of what i say.
though i do assume she reads eyes quite well and had heard my limbs speak to hers.


i write to remember.

right now, i withdrawal.
i cannot get my fix, but for now, i get bits of excitement and rushes of overwhelming proportion through this pen.

i cant help but wonder what she wonders?
if she could just let me spend some time in her mind.
floating through every joy, every tear, ….her dreams.
even a ghost has aspirations.
i want to be there, if only for a moment.






Model:Caitlyn Leonard



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